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Whitening Kit for Sensitive Areas

Whitening Kit for Sensitive Areas

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SACHET Whitening Kit for Sensitive Areas includes a Cleanser, Cream and Serum specifically formulated to brighten and lighten dark, sensitive areas such as the underarms, inner legs and neck etc.

Whitening Kit for Sensitive Areas contains a Peal Feminine Hygiene Wash, a Whitening & Brightening Serum, and a Whitening Cream for Sensitive Parts which are gentle, skin-friendly and non-toxic. With regular use, this whitening kit can help improve dullness and pigmentation.

More Details

Whitening Kit for Sensitive Areas

Sachet Whitening Kit for Sensitive Areas Cleanser, Cream & Serum is useful to remove dullness and pigmentation from sensitive areas like Under Arms, Inner Legs, Hips, Knee, Elbows & Neck etc.

Peal Feminine Hygiene Wash

Peal Feminine Hygiene Wash is a personal hygiene cleanser and will help to remove dust and dead skin cells from body and will work as protection shield against irritation,itching, dryness and bad smell from V-Zone as well as underarms. Read More

Whitening & Brightening Serum

Sachet Whitening and Brightening Serum for sensitive parts reduces dark spots and unifies the skin tone. it hydrates and soothes the skin. It is suitable for the most sensitive areas (intimate external skin). It has a non-greasy and non-sticky texture that feels comfortable on the skin. Read More

Whitening Cream for Sensitive Parts

Sachet Whitening Cream for Sensitive Parts is formulated with active Ingredients that are safe and are designed to gradually and gently lighten dark pigmented private areas, i.e. your intimate areas such as underarms, Knees, Elbows, inner thighs, around the corner of the lips etc., by blending them with your natural skin tone to provide you with a fresher look. Read More


Peal Feminine Wash Ingredients: Lactic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin B3 & B5

Brightnix Under Arms Cream Ingredients: Kojic Acid, Hyalournice acid, Vitamin E, Alovera Extract, Aqua , Emulsifier wax , Glycerin , Carbomer

Whitening Serum for Sensitive Areas Ingredients: Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, Vitamin B5 , Aloevera Extract , Aqua,Lactic Acid,Mulberry Extract,Licorice Extract,Kojic Acid,

How to use?

How to use Whitening Kit?

  • Use Peal Feminine Wash as cleanser , always wash the area with it before applying serum or cream. Take some wash gel and gently massage on the area few seconds and then instantly wash with water and dry the area with clean towel.
  • Apply Serum first , take 1 or two drops of serum and gently massage, it will absorb in your skin quickly. Don't use excess quantity. You can use serum at night and if you want to use it in the morning also, its up to you.
  • After applying serum wait 1 hour and then you can use cream, Take suitable quantity that can absorb in your skin easily. Don't use excess quantity.
  • Serum and Cream both can be used in morning and evening. The ingredients are mild and safe for sensitive area, however if you face any side effect, because every person is different, please stop using two times and try the products to use only once a day and in limited quantity.


Underarms, knee, elbow , upper area of hips and inner legs area (near legs skin) is more easy to show results. (average 4-6 weeks)

The area near to V-Zone and outer lips is very sensitive and it will take much time to show results. (average 4-6 months)

Removing pigmentation and dullness is different thing and whitening is a totally different thing.

Sachet Whitening Kit will actively help to remove pigmentation and dullness and you will see noticeable results in 4-8 weeks. After removing pigmentation, the process will be started to lighten the skin color tone and restoration of your original color tone.


The Whitening Kit products are for external use only.Don't use any product on broken or damaged skin.

For sensitive skin , it is recommended to conduct an allergy test on the back of the ear before using any product . Use it if no adverse effects occur.

If such abnormalities as rash , swelling, or allergic reaction occur during or after applying the product , stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.

If the product splashes into your eyes , flush them with fresh water immediately.

Storage:Keep it in a cool dry place , out of direct sunlight. Help Line: Feel free to contact our Whats App help line for any info.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 390 reviews
Tarab Fatima
100% recommended

It's very good and effective. Really satisfying results even from first use. I'm in love with this product ❤️. Highly recommended 👍

Shaima Mohsin
Not effective

I am using this few days before but not found a result, i am not a satisfied customer

We apologize for not meeting your expectations. Please provide us with more details so we can address the issue promptly.

Rabiya Beenish

Its very good and effective 100% recommended

100% recommended.💯♥️

The people who are sufferung from itching, dryness and other hygienic issues must buy this. I have been using this since past 15 days and I am in love with the results. The results were noticeable right after 24hours and I love it.♥️💯
Must buying product to add in your skin care bundle.💕

highly recommended

Best for personal hygiene and results are soo good highly recommended